A Strong Criminal Defense Doesn't Focus Entirely On Your Actions

At Pitsch Law Offices, LLC, in Appleton, we make it clear to our clients that we defend their rights not judge their actions. This distinction is absolutely crucial but often forgotten. It is so easy to get wrapped up worrying about what you did that you forget about the other people involved in the case who are capable of making mistakes too.

Eric Pitsch is an attorney who always looks for errors or misconduct that could lead to the reduction or complete dismissal of your charges. He knows how to get his hands on surveillance videos, police recordings and other important evidence. He then scrutinizes the evidence, looking for illegal searches and seizures, unlawful arrests, faulty test results, questionable lineups or unreliable witness accounts, among many other errors or violations of your rights.

We always over-prepare, establishing the defense we would need to win at trial. This means that we provide honest counsel about plea offers that are not in your best interests to accept.

We accept misdemeanor and felony cases in Appleton and throughout the surrounding counties involving:

Do You Have Questions About Criminal Laws And Your Case? We Have Answers.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you probably have many important questions about your case and your rights. We welcome anyone charged with a crime to contact our law firm and speak with lawyer Eric Pitsch personally. Just listening to your story, he is often able to pinpoint red flags that could strengthen your defense.

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