Contact An Attorney Immediately In Felony Drug Cases

Felony drug possession, distribution and manufacturing charges are very serious. Sentencing guidelines leave room for very significant jail sentences and thousands of dollars in fines. Law enforcement has the authority to seize money and property such as your vehicle, including items purchased with alleged proceeds from a crime. You could also lose valuable rights, including the right to own a firearm or vote.

Pitsch Law Offices, LLC, in Appleton, begins protecting your rights immediately. Attorney Eric Pitsch is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but he also believes in doing everything he can for his clients. This includes considering working to avoid or reduce criminal penalties as well as any ancillary penalties. He does not stop until he has exhausted all of your options.

Aggravating factors may elevate the level of a charge, but don't forget about mitigating factors. We advise you about proactive steps you can take to help your case, including entering a drug treatment program voluntarily.

What Aggravating Factors Make It A Felony Case?

The Wisconsin Controlled Substances Act sets strict guidelines and government officials have wide discretion to use aggravating circumstances to increase the level of an offense to a felony. What are some of those factors?

  • The type of drug: Schedule I and II drugs are almost always charged as felonies.
  • The quantity of the drug: If police find a large amount of a drug during a search, they will presume intent to distribute.
  • Drug paraphernalia and other items: Government officials may use the combination of drug paraphernalia and/or common household items from scales to bags to batteries to presume intent to manufacture or distribute.
  • Criminal history: A single prior conviction on your record can increase a misdemeanor to a felony offense.
  • Commission of an additional crime: Many different charges can result from a single incident. For example, you could be charged with a related felony if drugs were used in the commission of a sexual assault, obtained through fraud or if police find a weapon during a search.

Don't Say Anything | Invoke Your Right To An Attorney

When police search your car or question you in an investigation, it is only natural to want to explain your side of the story. Do not try to do this, regardless of how friendly the officers seem. Your right to an attorney is crucial when facing serious drug offenses.

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