A Warning About Plea Agreements

At Pitsch Law Offices, LLC, we use every legal resource we have to help you walk away from your case with the best outcome possible. You always have control, but we let you know whether accepting a plea agreement is in your best interests or if you could get the charges dismissed.

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Prosecutor's Are Guaranteed A Conviction | The Defendant Is Taking The Risk

A plea agreement is a contract in which a defendant agrees to accept a conviction in exchange for a promise of reduced charges or a lesser sentence. There are potential benefits to a plea bargain, which is one reason why they are used in many cases. You may be able to plead a felony down to a misdemeanor, accept community service in lieu of jail time or have a record expunged after successful completion of a probationary term.

It is important to remember that prosecutors are offering you the deal. They are not on your side. You should never accept a deal without consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney who will take the time to give your case a comprehensive review.

Why should you be wary of signing a plea agreement?

  • Prosecutors will get their conviction, but a judge is not required to follow the prosecution's recommended sentence.
  • You may be signing away important rights such as the right to own a firearm or the right to vote.
  • You will have a criminal record. Even misdemeanor convictions can be used to enhance future charges or sentencing.
  • It could affect other aspects of your life from your custody rights to your immigration status.
  • You could accept guilt for unnecessary or inflated charges.

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