Wisconsin's Firearm Laws Are Highly Complex

As a gun store owner, attorney Eric Pitsch firmly believes in the constitutional right to own a firearm. He also understands the highly complex laws regulating the ownership, possession and use of firearms better than most lawyers. This is crucial if you have been charged with a crime involving a weapon.

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Potential Weapons Violations In Wisconsin

As noted above, gun control laws are very complicated, which is why you need experienced counsel on your side. Many different actions may constitute a weapons offense, including:

  • Possession by a convicted felon: It is illegal to possess a firearm if you have a felony conviction on your record. This is one reason why we caution against accepting a plea agreement without talking to an experienced defense lawyer who is willing to exhaust all of your options, because some people are unaware that they are also signing away this important right.
  • Violation of a restraining order or condition of parole/probation: These temporary orders prohibit possession of both a firearm and ammunition.
  • Modifying a firearm: Adding a vertical handgrip, sawing the barrel of a shotgun, adding a suppressor or making many other modifications is considered either illegal without a permit or illegal entirely.
  • Bringing a firearm into a prohibited facility: It is a crime to bring a firearm into a federal building, school, bar and other establishments, even if you have a concealed carry permit.
  • Illegally obtaining or possessing a gun: It is a crime to make false statements on an application for a gun or concealed carry permit or possess an illegal or unregistered/unlicensed firearm.
  • Enhancement for other crimes: There are times when possessing the gun is not necessarily illegal, but it could be used to enhance charges for drunk driving, domestic violence, drug offenses, robbery and many other crimes.

Are you a Good Samaritan who brandished a firearm in an attempt to protect a family member or stranger from harm? You could be charged with a crime if you carried the gun into an establishment or area where it is prohibited, even if you never fired a shot.

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